About Peninsula Gymnastics

We are professional Gymnastics training Center

San Mateo and San Carlos location

Peninsula Gymnastics was founded for the purpose of creating a professional gymnastics training center in a friendly and professional atmosphere where all students can reach his/her potential. Peninsula Gymnastics is housed in a 15,000 square foot state of the art facility and is fully equipped with:

  • Olympic size floor
  • Two in-ground trampolines for added safety
  • In-ground foam pit
  • Tumble Trak
  • Power Tumbling Strip
  • All Olympic Events for our award winning competitive boys and girls teams
  • Two vaulting stations

Peninsula Gymnastics is a member of USA Gymnastics

Our Staff

Anna Margulis

Executive Director

Courtney Johnson

Program Director

Shierly Marin

Office Manager

Luiza Mikayelyan

Pre-School, Recreational and Xcel Instructor

Cherise Mostajo

Pre-School, Recreational and Xcel Instructor

Raimee Williams

Recreational, Developmental and Xcel Instructor

Xavier Bonton

Recreational, Tumbling and Developmental Instructor

Gene Iriartbornde

Pre-School, Recreational and Tumbling Instructor

Marinko Jerkunica

Recreational and Developmental Instructor

San Mateo location

 (650) 571 7555/+1(650) 571 1014


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San Carlos location

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