Boys Competitive Gymnastics Program

For boys ages from 7.5 yrs old
Available Gymnastics Classes

Boys Compulsory

Age from 7 years old. Part of the men's Junior Olympic Program.

Boys Level 4 Team:
The Level 4 Team is the first level of competition and will compete in USA Gymnastics Sanctioned meets. The boys train and compete in each of the six events which are part of the men's Junior Olympic Program: floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and the high bar.
At this level the boys work on routines for each event and build on skills and emphasis on team competition.

Boys Compulsory Teams: Levels 5 and 6
The next segment of our boys programs consists of three levels of compulsory routines: Levels 5 and 6. Each of these levels builds upon skills learned in the previous level.
These compulsory levels help the boys to develop the strong basics they will need later for the optional levels.

Boys Optional

Age from 8 years old. Preparing for several competitions hosted by USA.

Boys Optional Teams: Levels 7, 8 & 9
Beginning with Level 7, the boys enter the optional levels of our program. The routines at these levels, while still having certain difficulty and special requirements, are created by the gymnast and his coach to show the talent and creativity of each individual. Boys who continue on into the optional levels of our program train up to four days a week, and may qualify for National competition at Levels 8 and 9.

Boys Team is made up of a special group of families and athletes who work together through the common bond of Men’s gymnastics. By choosing to be a part of the Peninsula Gymnastics Boys Team your child will be given the chance to experience something rare in this busy day and age: forming friendships and learning life lessons through dedication and hard work.

These boys train from 15-20 hours a week preparing for several competitions hosted by USA Gymnastics, the governing body for our sport in the U.S.. The Peninsula Gymnastics Boys Team has the opportunity to compete in State and Regional meets around California and the country.

Dear Parents and Gymnasts

We are very excited and looking forward to our upcoming competitive season.

2015-16 Competitive Schedule:
  1. Intrasqaud: Friday, December 4, during regular practice, with judges Sho Nakamuro & Pearce Wagner
  2. 1st Competition: January 15-17, the CA Benefit Cup, in Berkeley at UC Berkeley
  3. 2nd Competition: January 29-31, the Stanford Open, in Stanford University
  4. 3rd Competition: February 19-21, the Gold Country Classic, Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond
  5. 4th Competition: March 5 - 7, TBD (Top Flight or West Coast Challenge, Fremont or Pleasanton)
  6. State Competition Level 4 & 5: March 12 -13, in San Luis Obisbo
  7. State Competition Level 6 & 7: March 19 - 20, in Rancho Cordova
  8. Regional Competition: April 6 - 10, Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great American Parkway, Santa Clara.


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