Developmental Gymnastics Program

Developmental Gymnastics Program

For boys and girls, ages from 5.5 yrs old
Available Gymnastics Classes

Hot Shots

Age from 4,5 years old. Focus on coordination and strength

Hot Shots is a lead into our Developmental Program by an introduction to gymnastics with focus on coordination and strength.

Devos 1 & 2

Age from 5 years old. We begin teaching basic skills with proper form and technique.

We want our students to develop a passion for gymnastics and understand the connection between hard work and improvement. At Peninsula, we are also teaching our athletes much more than the sport of gymnastics. Life skills that we emphasize are setting goals, overcoming obstacles and working as a team. We also stress self-confidence and self-discipline. It is our belief that our students will continue to utilize these tools outside of the gym and for the rest of their lives.

There are three main areas that we aim to develop:
1) Strength
2) Flexibility
3) Mental Discipline

Devos 3 & Pre-Team

Age from 5,5 years old. For success as a competitive gymnast.

With a continued focus on strength and flexibility, students will begin learning Level 3 skills. Students will be challenged to develop mentally and physically for success as a competitive gymnast.

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